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The low heat conductivity of MINSWOOL's superfine, long and soft Mineral Wool fibre makes it the most efficient thermal insulation material. Minswool is chemically stable, water repellent, odourless, non-corrosive, vermin resistant, non-settling, fire resistive and permanently incombustible, with uniform density and resilience. It serve the temperature range up to 750ooC

Available in : -

  •     Loose

  •     Mattresses


Conforms to IS : 3677 specifications.


HIMFOAM is a Rigid Polyurethane Insulation material manufactured by us. Advantages of polyurethane foam includes lowest thermal conductivity, dual temperature systems applications, light weight, easy to handle, adheres to all the surfaces and is unaffected by fungi, termites, ants etc.

Available in : -

  •    Slabs

  •    Pipe Section

              Conforms to IS - 12436 specifications

  •      PUF Supports

  •      PUF Liquid

  •      PUF Panels

  •      Tank Filling


Temperature Range : Up to 1425oC

Available in : -

Available in : -

  •    Bulk Fibre

  •    Blankets                                                                                                                     Density:64,96,128 kg/m3

  •     Boards

  •     Papers

  •     Ropes : Thickness - 6 mm, 12 mm & 25 mm

We Deal in Aluminium Coil for Insulation Job of Hot Cold in Solution.
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